Solution >> eFollowup - Kinetics of Glucose Matabolism

eFollowup - Kinetics glucose metabolism is an innovative method to provide precision diabetes management. 

It is not only continuously monitoring glucose monitoring system 24x7, it will also look at all other data, like your medication, your food intake, your exercise, then use machine learning to bring to you a much more proactive diabetes managements, so that your quality of live can be greatly improved.

This will lead to great impact on the people in China, the healthcare cost, as well as impact to the world.

eFollowup uses CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitoring System) to monitoring blood glucose 7x24 hours, use mobile APP to track user life data, combined with a cloud database of food and nutrition, to build an interactive glucose metabolism service system. Through the dynamic management methods of glucose metabolism, user could gain insight on the status of their diabetes progress, detect silent hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, reduce HbA1c and glucose fluctuations while maintain the right balance between diet intake and blood glucose control.