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Zion China Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing) was established in Beijing's Zhongguancun High-Tech Park in 2013. Zion China is a mobile internet healthcare company that believes that innovative technology can have a profound impact on the health and well-being of its users. It is focused on building products that improve the quality of life of patients with chronic diseases by helping them better manage their illnesses on a daily basis.

Zion China's products are built around three pillars: Mobile Health, Quantified Self, and Tele-Medicine. It leverage's China's vast mobile user base to build an in-depth chronic disease management service platform and to provide patients and family with access to the best professional services, allowing them to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Zion China is currently building a comprehensive health management solution for patients with diabetes. A user-centric mobile client for patients and a broad platform for service providers and qualified physicians work in concert to form a chronic disease management platform and 360-degree service system. In addition, users have access to a rich, interactive database of chronic disease patient education information and a physician knowledge base.

Zion China's core team has many years of IT experience and deep expertise in developing vertical solutions in the medical device and healthcare industries. Founder and CEO, Vincent (Feng) Yang, most recently founded Promising China LTD., which was acquired in 2011 by iSoftStone. Previously, Vincent was the former Senior Architecture Leader and Evangelist for Microsoft Greater China. He currently is an advisor for the China Association of Social Welfare within the Ministry of Civic Affairs Informatics Standards Committee.

The remainder of Zion China's entrepreneurial team has deep project planning and implementation experience in chronic disease management and other health platform technologies. The team has worked with Microsoft, GE, and the Ministry of Health in piloting a collaborative healthcare system in rural Hebei Chengde. It was also involved with a data warehouse integration project with Beijing Union Medical College Hospital and Microsoft's HealthVault landing page. Through these and other health-related projects, the team has cultivated deep relationships with health experts, industry partners, and medical device supply channels. Consequently, the team has a unique understanding of the information technology needs of hospitals, regional public health management offices, personal health record management, and patients with chronic diseases, as well as the project and implementation experience to build solutions for these stakeholders.

Zion China has established strategic alliances with many well-known companies and professional associations within the healthcare industry and has built a portfolio of a medical experts and industry leaders as an advisory group. The Zion China team is very excited to be harnessing the power of mobile technology, collaborating with our advisors, partners, and users, and building products that create benefits for each stakeholder and improve the lives of patients with chronic diseases.